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An elite soldier female for an rpg my fiance’s the DM/GM of. I play the grumpy pink dragon. The system used is of his ownmaking and I’ve kiked it so far! Fits the scene in question really well and requires very little of the players.

Blanca tried to make her friend feel better. Not yet sure how well it ended up.

arrodynamic asked: "Sphinx, how did you get in that box?" <:3


some scenes from an rpg my fiance and I are playing. (He’d the GM - I play the tiny gal with the silly hat in the first pic)

Blanca is so very cute. Tiny anthro adventurer/historian ahoyhoy!


not my character, though.

Got an a-okay to post some of these! Here they are! The pictures look like to be a lovely progression.

I strongly recommend this series to everyone - It&#8217;s called Blacksad and it&#8217;s about a detective going about his furry business in a very cool setting. The plot is solid, the designs and styling is superb and the action is very well made as well&#8230; I actually own 4 books of it&#8230;



Zazkar is sort of an pyromaniac and an alchemist - and usually drinks his own alcohol mixes. My girls aren’t exactly fireproof….



By 永守

yes Yes YES <333333333333

Oh…oh my.

Some references for my fiance&#8217;s characters!


French advertising you guys

khajiit has many wares to sell
if you know what khajiit means
Picture by me.
Characters for Straight A&#8217;s. A project in planning at the moment.