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4/13 and 6/13 - two months of difference. Woah. I’m magic.

"Artists Beware"

Artists and commissioners - stay safe. Please reblog and spread the word!

This site keeps tabs on various artists, commissioners and companies with problems regarding commissions - please check your commissioners, artists and companies before accepting!

I’m trying to sort out photorealism and rounded a bunch of volunteers. Here’s n.1

Looking for writer

I’m looking for a comic writer for a 5-10 paged furry f/m yiff comic. I intend to use it in my portfolio and such, but details can be discussed with the prospective writer. If the comic goes well we might sell it (profits divided in some manner - details discussed when/if necessary).

If you have some experience in comic script writing and are looking for an artist to collaborate with… send me an ask with your general idea, comic script sample and contact info.

If things go well I might consider additional collaborating.

I’m not interested in teaching you how to write/format a comic script. If you’re interested but don’t know, please google it.


by Bitter-Cherry.

(via davidohdrums)


Concept vehicles by Darren Bartley (via Concept cars and trucks)

This is too awesome.
Orc man. Commission.
An armored chick girl woman thing I’m drawing. Heavily Master Chief/ Halo inspired
My current avatar in GO

Nope! You’ve been here before.

page 3. Still missing texts, but they will be added when I release the whole chapter.
Planned town map. I might make a digital version later.