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This is the best explanation I could come up with for why it takes me so long to do updates sometimes when, at other times, I’m typing them up like clockwork.

even worse when you’re writing and ALSO drawing

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Looking for writer

I’m looking for a comic writer for a 5-10 paged furry f/m yiff comic. I intend to use it in my portfolio and such, but details can be discussed with the prospective writer. If the comic goes well we might sell it (profits divided in some manner - details discussed when/if necessary).

If you have some experience in comic script writing and are looking for an artist to collaborate with… send me an ask with your general idea, comic script sample and contact info.

If things go well I might consider additional collaborating.

I’m not interested in teaching you how to write/format a comic script. If you’re interested but don’t know, please google it.

Page one of… a project.
page 3. Still missing texts, but they will be added when I release the whole chapter.
Vague sketch of page 7. Just to let you know I’m still on the comic!
WIP of page 3
Planned town map. I might make a digital version later.
Lanae and Danae’s house plans - may still change.
A sketch of an additional character. He’s tall <3
A possible character for later. He’s going to be updated, but this is the idea.
More snippets of my private comic commission
Snippets of a private commission/request/bribe comic I’m working on
A teaser picture of page two… this might be the coloring style.

Anonymous asked: Why don't you upload more often?

I make these pictures in between other works. I have a job, and I have other projects. I try to upload as fast as I can. Currently I have a queue set up , and at least the next five days will have some kind of content.

Thank you for asking, and make sure to ask again if I left something important out/you have more questions/feedback.