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More of Syla, my oc from Lux
Syla is on of my OCs in Lux game is now open and we’re recieving applications!
Some of my own ocs for a change

plus pretty: Anchoring the News While Fat [TW: Fat Shaming]


This video shows, clearly, how full of themselves some people can be in regards to their privilege- not to mention how callous.

This woman is very good looking (not that looks have anything to do with one’s self worth), and for some jerk to see only her weight, well,…

I feel this is relevant to me.

Adopt, anyone?
Same galaxy girl as before, different picture
Miss Galaxy girl for an another blog, might as well post here as well ;D
Monster girl prompt : Taur
Sphinx, the shortest of the bunch.
Here, have this human while I try to cough up more content
A teaser picture of page two… this might be the coloring style.
page 3 sketch