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Got an a-okay to post some of these! Here they are! The pictures look like to be a lovely progression.



Zazkar is sort of an pyromaniac and an alchemist - and usually drinks his own alcohol mixes. My girls aren’t exactly fireproof….



By 永守

yes Yes YES <333333333333

Oh…oh my.



I’m not sure about you, but I for one, really loved and enjoyed Alice: Madness Returned, as well as the original Alice. As some of you may know, American McGee has been trying to get the funding for Alice: Otherlands, which he wants to be a full-length feature film.
His work is beautiful and I’d love to see this happen for him!


He has a kickstarter going, however it only has 8 days to go, with $75,133 to go, so if you could, please check it out so you can know more about it and if you can’t donate money just reblog this, please.
Thank you
Link to the Kickstarter.

Madness returned was one of my favorite games for a while - i loved (and still do) the style of it! I’ll be backing this project at least - I hope you will, as well.

Tagging so people can find it.

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French advertising you guys

khajiit has many wares to sell
if you know what khajiit means
Characters for Straight A&#8217;s. A project in planning at the moment.
One of the several costumes Syla wears on her job from time to time. She is one of my ocs in
More of Syla, my oc from Lux
Syla is on of my OCs in Lux game is now open and we&#8217;re recieving applications!

Lux - anthro/scifi forum-based rp

Remember to send your characters for approval via mail first!

page 3. Still missing texts, but they will be added when I release the whole chapter.
Vague sketch of page 7. Just to let you know I&#8217;m still on the comic!
WIP of page 3
A sketch of an additional character. He&#8217;s tall &lt;3